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Introduction To Rubric Norming

January 27, 2015

During this webinar, participants were introduced to techniques for rubric norming that they can apply at their own institutions. A step by step process for calibrating rubrics and establishing inter-rater reliability was shared. Strategies and tips were provided to structure workshops effectively, keep things fun, and build authentic interdepartmental partnerships. 


Effective ePortfolios: Engagement, Best Practices, and Continual Improvement

February 24, 2015

During this webinar, PLNU explored its ePortfolio journey and the growing ripple of engagement with students, faculty and staff across campus. This review of ePortfolio use goes beyond implementation, and includes learned best practices, demonstrations of continual improvement, as well as strategies for implementation within the classroom


Model for Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Assessment

March 24, 2015

During this webinarDr. Tomei gave an introductory overview of the important interrelationships among IE assessment, strategic planning, budgeting, and accreditation. The presenter suggested desirable characteristics of an effective IE assessment system, as well as strategies and tactics for developing and maintaining an effective IE assessment system.


Preparing Faculty for Assessment of a New Core Curriculum Program

April 21, 2015

During this webinarDoane College explored its process of general education revision that ended a cafeteria-style program in order to meld mission learning outcomes with best practices in teaching and learning. 


Developing and Executing a QEP Assessment Plan and Strategy

June 9, 2015

During this webinarDr. Patricia Heydet-Kirsch discussed the importance of a rubric-based model to assess SLOs and sharing data with university stakeholders. In its third year of QEP implementation, Florida Atlantic University has learned to be flexible when coaching faculty and guiding their assessment practices using best-models.


Designing Quality Rubrics

August 25, 2015

During this webinarDr. Tomei gave an update to the Rubric Design presentation made at AACTE's 2015 Annual Conference. Topics discussed included examples of commonly encountered rubric weaknesses, recommendations on effective rubric templates, a description of the qualities of effective rubrics, and tools and strategies to help with the revision of existing rubrics and development of new rubrics.


Making Large Classes Feel Small: Utilizing Peer Mentors and Reflective Writing

October 20, 2015

During this webinarPurchase College described the use of ePortfolio-based reflective writing assignments and peer-led discussion sections to support student success and content mastery in a large general education course. In practice, the presenters had 3 pedagogical goals:


What Is The e-Portfolio Idea?

November 19, 2015

During this webinarLiveText presented its vision for the e-Portfolio in conjunction with AAEEBL, The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-based Learning.


How Prepared Are You For Accreditation?

December 1, 2015

During this webinarDr. Spangehl provided instructions on how participants can use the Accreditation Readiness Audit to stimulate valuable discussions around how their university or program can maintain accreditation readiness.