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e-Portfolios: A Spark for Connected Learning

January 26, 2016

During this webinarthe University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences showed how e-Portfolios can serve as a catalyst for connected learning.  For the Doctor of Physical Therapy program, the institution piloted a co-curricular portfolio containing a reflective component that is strongly aligned to the institutional core values. 

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Engaging Faculty in Assessment: A Paradigm Shift or Just a New Perspective?

February 16, 2016

During this webinar, Dr. Lance Tomei - retired Director for Assessment, Accreditation, and Data Management at the University of Central Florida - will acknowledge the "elephant in the room" regarding assessment – that is, a strong perception that assessment is compliance driven.

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Post CAEP 2016 Webinar Update

April 26, 2016

During this webinar, Dr. Lance Tomei – retired Director for Assessment, Accreditation, and Data Management at the University of Central Florida – will present his findings and an update on designing high-quality rubrics and other assessment instruments based on the most current information available regarding CAEP expectations that Educator Preparation Providers submit “solid evidence” in support of CAEP accreditation standards.

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Program Review from a Strategist's Perspective

May 24, 2016

During this webinar Dr. Maggie Bailey will review the outcomes of a successful program review, including: (1) improved student learning, (2) curricular and program proposals for academic program revision, (3) strengthening the institutional mission, core values, and strategic objectives, (4) increased effectiveness and efficiencies through culture of continuous improvement, (5) linkage to the University’s planning, (6) reallocation of resources and budgets, and (7) an improved educational experience for the program’s students. 

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Successful edTPA Implementation Using Technology

June 7, 2016

During this webinarImplementing the edTPA can be a challenging process for a teacher education program. Knowing what resources are available, embedding edTPA into a curriculum, engaging faculty, providing necessary supports for candidates, making decisions about scoring options, and establishing retake procedures are all important considerations that are covered in this webinar.

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Assessing General Education: One Step Back, then Forward

August 23, 2016

During this webinarSouthern Arkansas University described the original journey which emerged as a new, well-defined process for assessing general education. The bulk of the presentation describes how, after three academic years of collecting data through this new process, it was time to take a step back to see what needed tweaking. The presenter described the efforts to re-think the rubrics, re-frame the assessments, and re-encourage faculty dialog along the way.

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Designing and Implementing an Assessment System

September 13, 2016

During this webinarFlorida Baptist College shared its journey from developing Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and Rubrics for each program and course to implementation and evaluation using LiveText and Assessment Insight System (AIS) as tools. The presenter discussed multiple stages of development and implementation, as well as the important relationship between institutions and LiveText team members. 

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Are Your Assessment Instruments Ready for CAEP?

October 25, 2016

During this webinarDr. Lance Tomei – retired Director for Assessment, Accreditation, and Data Management at the University of Central Florida – presented on how Educator Preparation Providers (EPP) and programs can conduct an effective self-evaluation of key assessment instruments to ensure that those instruments and the data they generate meet the rigorous expectations of the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) accreditation standards.

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